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Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Life a Movie?

Today I was thinking about how much I love my life. I have a great family, great friends, a great church, a lot of freedom to be creative, and a lot of opportunity to experience some cool things .

A guy told me the other day I live a charmed life—like in the movies. Ha. I am pretty thankful for what I have and what I’ve experienced but . . . charmed? Movies? I think he was just jealous that Sheryl Crow sang 5 feet from us the other night. I’d be jealous of me if I were he too.

Then I got to thinking . . . if my life were a movie, what things would I want to experience? If I could be assured no one get hurt, I wouldn’t get caught, Jesus would still be smiling, and I would still have a good reputation these are some of the things I’d like to try.

P.S. This is not a morality debate. This is the movies.

  1. Impersonate a high-profile politician and gain access to a party.
  2. Tell a guy or gal at the airport holding up a sign with someone’s name on it that I am that person they are waiting to pick up. Then, get in the limo and be taken to that person’s destination.
  3. Hang from the bottom of a helicopter—either on the landing gear or by a cable/rope.
  4. Diffuse a bomb with seconds to spare. I want to be the guy who chooses the right wire. However, I don’t want to feel in danger at any time so it probably will never happen.
  5. Lift a fingerprint from a wine glass and use it to access a classified room at one of those secret password fingerprint scan thingies they have outside of the door.
  6. Jump from a building while holding on to someone and land on one of those airbags or better yet, be caught by one of those round thingies the firemen all hold on to.
  7. Run someone off the road I don’t like. You know you want to do it too.
  8. Throw things out the rear double-doors of a moving truck at the cars behind us as they swerve.
  9. Chase someone through the streets of New York (or other cool city) through subway stations, parks, grocery stores, restaurant kitchens, etc.
  10. Push someone over while running.
  11. Go out into a traffic-filled street and halt cars while jumping over taxi hoods.
  12. Drive my car down a staircase in a crowded area.
  13. Commandeer a vehicle by pulling the driver out of his car by the collar. Apologize quickly. Say, “thanks, man. Sorry, I need this.”
  14. Have a stranger buy me a beer/bottle of wine/meal and just give me that two-fingered salute from across the room.
  15. Meet my twin brother I never knew I had, put two and two together, pretend to be the other for a day. Except, I draw the line at any contact he may want with my wife. Otherwise, he may be on the receiving end of #7.
  16. Meet an extra-terrestrial and prove to everyone they mean no harm.
  17. Be called upon to solve a major crisis involving multiple countries where only I possess the knowledge to bring about a peaceful ending. I want the guys with suits and black glasses to show up at my door, say my name, flash their government badges, and say, “we need you to come with us.”
  18. I want to be the guy standing behind someone when they actually say, “He’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?” I want whatever I overhear to be really, really worth it. I do not want to waste this moment.
  19. Pick up the wrong suitcase. Have that suitcase be filled with money.
  20. Redirect the traffic patterns by messing with the stoplights from my laptop so my buddy can take the route he needs to get to wherever he needs to go.
  21. Go into a building in one outfit. Change. Exit building in a new outfit/disguise.
  22. Tell a cabbie, “you wait right here.” Hand him a wad of cash. Do what I need to do in a hurry. Come back and get in that cab.
  23. Tell cabbie, “follow that car!” Have him drive at break-neck speeds to catch the car. I don’t know why we are chasing it. Doesn’t matter.
  24. Drive the car that splashes that guy reading the paper on the street corner. Destroy man’s suit. Have man clean his glasses with his shirt and keep reading as if nothing happened.
  25. Be the guy that walks into a courtroom right before a judgment and says, "not so fast" while everyone turns around and looks. Win the jury over. Walk away.
This is my Top 25. You have any you would like to share?

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