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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Daughter a YouTube Finalist!

My oldest daughter, Karysa is a Top 5 finalist in YouTube's 2008 Republican National Convention "Why I am a Republican in 2008" contest.

I am so proud of her.

I keep joking with my friends that the views expressed by daughters in YouTube contests do not necessarily reflect the views of their fathers--ha. Even though I may have different political views, I am so proud of her for standing up for her own values and political beliefs. I am proud she took the risk.

I also know that you don't have to declare your political party or position on the issues to vote my baby to the top!!! So, go here to watch and vote for her video! Her video is the one by MmmMetamucil that begins with the flagpole as pictured above.

P.S. I am proud of her husband, Charlie--our new son-in-law for graduating first in his class as a new Navy submariner as well. Way to go, man.

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