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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dave is a Big Fat Jerk

Not really. I love him more than life.

BUT . . .

While filming this promo for our new series, "Sin Monkey" I told him I thought it would be funny for me to sneak into the shot with a Darth Vader mask on. He agreed.

Then, he punched me.

I didn't know it was coming.

This is not camera trickery or Hollywood magic. We don't have the budget or the time.

This is Dave punching me in the face.

The molded plastic on the inside of the Dark Sith Lord's mask pounded my cheek bone leaving me bruised for a few days. He apologized--Dave, that is, not Vader. Just like that time he hit me in the groin for fun. And then apologized--after the doctor appointment.

All in all, the sin monkey is a great metaphor and this video is a great metaphor for the sin monkey. Any connection between sin monkeys and David McDonald are entirely your own conclusion and not my words.

Love you, Dave. Thanks for allowing me to take one for the team and demonstrate the love of Jesus as I forgive you publicly.


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