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Monday, May 19, 2008

Third Day for 3K

At 9:59am EST on Friday, I was sitting with my credit card at my computer anxiously awaiting the time when I could log on for The Music Builds Tour with Third Day, Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, and Robert Randolph and the Family Band.

10:00am. Boom! I log right on to my personal Ticketmaster account.

10:06am. I purchased three tickets for the pavilion (choice seats!) and 8 tickets for the lawn for some people on the music team.

10:08am. I check my email for the “confirmation” of my purchase. Check.

10:10am. I log back in to my Ticketmaster account to print tickets.

10:12am. I poop my pants.

I look at the invoice for my tickets and find I have been charged over $3,000.00 for my tickets. I double-checked to make sure I didn’t do anything dumb and found I had done everything right.

Is this why the new Third Day album is called "Revelation?"

According to the site, Ticketmaster charged me a few hundred dollars for a convenience charge on each ticket.

Now, I am already not a fan of Facility Charges and Convenience Charges with Ticketmaster. Every ticket purchase usually stirs a little venom in me but THIS one sent me through the roof.

I called Ticketmaster after a 3-hour tour through their website to find an 800 number.

P.S. Ticketmaster, if you have Google Alerted your name and are reading my blog right now, please put an 800 number on your site. On every page. Where it is visible. Please. Look through my records. See how much I have spent on concerts. I should own stock in Ticketmaster. An 800 number. It is all I ask. Oh, and that you lower your Convenience Charges.

Thankfully, the lady at Ticketmaster was extremely helpful and very kind. She talked me down from my panic attack and explained they are having a glitch in the system and that I only paid what I was supposed to pay.

Still, today, the site still says I have paid over 3K. I am trusting the nice Ticketmaster lady.

If she is wrong, this will be the most expensive show I have ever been to. Paul McCartney has nothing on this ticket price. I saved my whole life to see Paul in a decent seat in the auditorium. But, he wasn’t 3K.

So, boys, rock the house. I will be filling my tank with a couple hundred bucks of gas and coming to your $3,000.00 rock extravaganza. Good thing I already own a t-shirt.

On another note, nice artwork on the new album Third Day! Being a Radiohead fanatic, I can't help but think of the Radiohead artwork by Stanley Donwood for the Hail to the Thief album. I don't know if this album artwork was a tribute but, it is a great concept.

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