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Monday, May 19, 2008

More Cool Cheap Aesthetics and Design Ideas

We are in a series at Westwinds entitled, "Images of Atonement" and our aesthetic for the series incorporates a lot of circles.

Circles often represent the eternality and completeness of God and, in this series, we are focusing on many working scriptural metaphors/atonement theories--the things Jesus has done and is doing to restore our broken relationship with God.

I get a lot of requests for inexpensive aesthetic ideas. This is the latest video describing our new aesthetic.

A special thanks to all my Twitter friends and others at Westwinds who pulled together and worked their butts off to make this aesthetic happen @Jay_Kreger, @erin_kreger, @itsauelgood, @DanP_70, Matt, Mark, Tanya, Reese, Tim, Ryan, Stan, Michelle, Rick, Wes . . . I hope I didn't forget anyone. Thank you!

This post is also part of the Watercooler over at Ethos. Check it out!

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