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Friday, April 04, 2008

2.0 be or not 2.0 be. That is the Question.

(actual screenshot of last night's ah-ha moment)

Needed to unwind last night. Everyone asleep. Me—still feeling a bit whacked. So, what better way to unwind than with my laptop?

I got a few Twitters from @spencesmith (his Twitter) as we joked about how old we are getting (although, now that I think about it, I think it was more about how old “I” am getting). Talked about The Tubes, Wings, 8-Tracks, cassettes, the “introduction” of the debit card . . .

It reminded me that earlier on in the same day my daughter asked me if I was alive before DVD’s.

Then it hit me in the face—just how much my world has changed in the last few years. The revelation came to me as I stared at my laptop and looked at the multiple windows and frames that were up and running.

iTunes playing the soundtrack from Once.
Twitteriffic open
Email open
Word open
My blog open
Watching ragamuffinsoul play ping-pong live on Mogulus
Chatting with everyone who was watching ragamuffinsoul vid
iChat open

This is how I unwind. Loving every minute of it.

Some mock me. Some don’t understand.

What’s not to understand?!?!

I can play my iTunes library straight for 950 days straight—that’s 24/7—and not hear the same song twice. I can talk into my cell phone and have it turn my message into text that immediately posts on the web for hundreds of my friends and thousands of others. I can watch my friend in ATL play a game on live streaming video while writing a post for my blog and chatting with my friend in Nash-Vegas. Duh.

Most opponents to this tech-saturated life say things like,

  • “That stuff is supposed to make life easier and I just see people spending more time.”
  • “Technology is hard to learn and I have done just fine without it!”
  • “If you really want to simplify your life throw that computer away!”

You know what? They are right.

My life is not “easier.” My life is not “simplified.” Technology is “hard to learn” sometimes.

We need to stop talking in terms of web technology “simplifying” our lives and stop defending that stance. Sometimes, it just doesn’t. We need to use a new vocabulary when talking about what web technology can do for us and stop apologizing.

  1. What technology (2.0, apps, digital, etc.) does for me : : :
  2. Puts me in touch with people I rarely have a chance to talk to
  3. Introduces me to new ideas
  4. Stretches my creativity
  5. Helps me learn processes that help me in multiple venues
  6. Keeps me sharp and talking the current language of our culture
  7. Helps me communicate what I want to say
  8. Makes me more accessible
  9. Makes my friends more accessible
  10. Helps me promote business
  11. Invites others into a conversation with me I couldn’t have otherwise
  12. Helps me network
  13. Helps me meet new friends
  14. Helps me share about Jesus and what He has done for me
  15. Promotes collaboration
  16. Introduces me to new things fast!
  17. Helps me learn what people are saying about the church and me
  18. I can speak my mind before others spread what they “think” I said
  19. Get my news fast!
  20. Helps me not lose touch with my kids
  21. Share and spark ideas in real time
  22. Emergency alerts through a variety of vehicles
  23. Conference with people when they are inaccessible
  24. Exchange important data stat!
  25. Warn people of impending robot domination (this one is just to make sure you are paying attention)
This list was off the top of my head at breakneck speed (you should see how fast I typed them!). I’m sure the list isn’t complete.

Bottom line : : : If an easier life is what you want then let life pass you by, clean your VCR and go buy a roll of stamps. Then again, if you are reading this that last sentence probably doesn’t apply to you.

Don’t get into a battle with anyone over things “not getting easier.” It is the wrong battlefield and a losing battle.

Life is not getting any easier.

For those who choose to embrace this new life2.0 however : : : it is exciting, friends are closer than ever, new friends are waiting to be met, new businesses are waiting to be dreamed and promoted, brilliance is a Google search away, and the world is indeed very, very, small.

By the way, I talked with (2-way conversation) over 50 people while writing this post.


Anonymous said...

Robots??? REALLY?!?


Anne Jackson said...

i read it!!