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Friday, April 04, 2008

Pop goes the Novella

Want to win some cool prizes?

This is your lucky day.

We are holding a contest for the best blogposts regarding our film company Popnovella—Home of the 5-minute Thought Grenade. Popnovella was soft-launched last year with a minimal budget. This year, we would love to ramp it up and we need the help of all of you in the blogosphere.

We are looking for specific unapologetic pump-up, check-this-out, promotion.

This is serious business. There are cash and prizes on the line (see below).

Follow these simple steps : : :

  • Posting must be made by Friday, April 11, 2008 11:59pmEST
  • Contest runs through the month of April, 2008.
  • Send me an email when the post is up at
  • Read and follow the judging criteria (you don’t “need” to do all the judging criteria asks for but, every little bit helps us determine the winner)
  • Send me an email for all "second generation" posts

Judging is based on the following criteria : : :
  • Specific mention of “why” they are cool/unique films
  • Your favorite Popnovella film and why
  • If there are “second generation” posts generated (someone posts about your post and you send me the link via email . Tell all your friends about the contest and have them send me the link to their post! This is huge.
  • Link. Link. Link.
  • How to use the films in church
  • How have YOU used the films or how do you “intend” to use them?
  • How can you use the films other than church?
  • Creativity
  • Instructions on “how to” navigate the Popnovella site and store
  • Mention of MediaShout and how the films are “Shoutable” and available also at the MediaShout store
  • Place a link to Popnovella and Vertizontal in the “link-love” section of your blog or similar link spot i.e. cool sites, sites of mention, check this out, etc.
  • Why "Thought Grenade" is an appropriate tagline/description of the films

1st place winner will receive : : :
  • $100 iTunes or Best Buy (your choice) Gift Certificate
  • $100 sent to the non-profit charity of your choice
  • Lunch or dinner with yours truly. On me. I come to you.
  • Popnovella T-Shirt
  • Popnovella DVD with all 6 Chapter One films
  • A linked blog post written about you and your blog featured on Vertizontal
  • Free Popnovella DVD’s for life—sent to you first upon release

2nd place winner will receive : : :

  • $25 iTunes or Best Buy (your choice) Gift Certificate
  • Popnovella T-Shirt
  • Popnovella DVD
  • Mention and link in a blogpost

3rd place winner will receive : : :
  • Mention and link in a blogpost
  • The satisfaction of making the top 3

Are you in? May the best blogger win.