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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Westwinds and Megadeth have in Common

This weekend, I will lead worship (or part of the set at least) with this rock and roll beast you see above. I probably won't be using my rock face but . . .

Not your normal worship leading axe? Is that Dave Mustaine’s signature? Dave Mustaine of Megadeth? And the Anarchy symbol?

Yep. To all that. Gather 'round kids while uncle John tells you a story.

Dave and I got back from lunch and pulled into the Westwinds parking lot. As we we’re walking into the office, someone called my name. I turned around to greet the voice—a man I had never seen before.

“You’re John, right?” Uhhh . . . yes I am. Do I know you? “No. I’m here to give you something. It’s over here in my van.”

I will admit it felt a bit weird to follow a stranger to his black van to receive a gift.

He opened the door and handed me a case. It was a big case. I was pretty sure it was a guitar case though it was huge.

What is it? I asked. “I have no idea. I am just supposed to drop it off. It is an anonymous gift. The guy told me not to tell you who he is.”

I made some joke about the case “ticking” but the guy didn’t laugh. Then I saw a familiar logo—one I hadn’t really seen since the 80’s.

Inside the case was a white Jackson Charvel Flying V no-pickguard axe with a Floyd Rose Tremolo, signed by guitar wizard Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

There was just a note inside with some pictures. The note read, “To JVo. Because you rock.” The pictures were of Dave Mustaine playing this very guitar on a Megadeth tour.

I just about peed.

This is a guitar I probably wouldn’t go buy for myself because I am usually more concerned about versatility when purchasing a guitar—Strat, Paul, Tele, etc. So, what a treat to have something a bit extravagant and so . . . rock and roll.

So, yes, I will be playing this guitar as is. Anarchy symbol and all. The guitar is a story. I'm not changing a thing and I will tell this story again and again.

I am so proud of this guitar because of what it represents. I don’t create fire from my fingers on the fretboard and I won’t be playing any speed metal but this guitar will serve the songs of Leeland, Robbie Seay, Mark Roach, Vicky Beeching, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Fee, Paul Baloche, Matt Maher, Brenton Brown, and countless others at Westwinds.

And who knows . . . maybe there will be . . . that one Sunday where the set is begging for Megadeth.

This quarter we will cover Sheryl Crow, Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova, Yael Naim, and Lenny Kravitz. The guitar will make more appearances.

Thank you anonymous giver of rock.

To you I raise my goblet.

P.S. My daughter is pretty sure she wants to start a girl band with this guitar.


Unknown said...

Oh my! I LOVE it!!!

Paul J. said...

I think you've left out part of the story. WHY does Mr. Megadeth think you rock? What's the connection?
And any kind of V-shaped guitar reeks of awesomeness. Mr. Leeland was playing a Gibson Flying V on Friday night. I coveted, and I don't even play guitar.

John In Colorado said...

Bil and Ted say, "whoooooooaaaaaaa. Dude. Most Excellent!"
I say, "Freakin' awesome." can't wait to show this post to my screamo son.

ErinKreger said...

I can't wait to hear some Glen and Marketa - I think you and I might be the only people in Jackson who have seen "Once," though. I'll be singing along!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally pumped to see this guitar come back out! I've been craving a rockin' Sunday morning for the past few weeks.
Crank those amps all the way to 11 man!!!

supersimbo said...

whoa that rocks!! find out where it came from yet?

ScottyH said...

dude, I loved seeing the flying v the 1st time u introduced it in fusion. during the 1st song - whoever it was sitting next to me, i nudged them and 'splained who the autograph was. yeah you saw me noddin with you when you gave the story, so totally cool.
then it was months later that i stumbled onto the story that mustaine became a christ follower and that, besides blowing me away, just caps off the story even better (you probably knew he was a christian already, didn't you?) look forward to seeing it again, this weekend.

John said...

@richkirkpatrick--I know!

@paul j--I really don't know why they think I rock. Probably my hair.

@johnincolorado--my son freaked too.

@both kregers--thanks for being such an encouragement to me

@supersimbo--my highly trained ninja spies figured it out. yes.

@scottyh--i did not know that. hmmm.