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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I spell it RAWK

Okay, this is my newest acquisition. Better yet, I acquired it as a gift.

Dave was so excited--like, giddee little girl excited--to give me a gift for my 40th upon his return from Colorado yesterday. I came around the corner to see him with a big grin starring at me, then at my desk, then at me, then at my desk . . . I caught on.

This was sitting on my desk.

Yes, it IS a dulcimer.
Yes, it IS electric.
Yes, yesterday is the first time I played one for longer than 5 minutes.
Yes, it WILL show up in Fusion.
Yes, probably this week.
Yes, it is the first one I have owned.
Yes, I am stoked.
Yes, Dave is thoughtful.
Yes, I suck at it but no one will know because I can pull off anything for one or two songs.


Paul J. said...

I'm beginning to covet the studliness of your gear. Pray for me.

BrandyB said...

Yes, you can.

JVo said...

paul j., my friend, the gear is studly yes but you are the real rock star.