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Friday, April 04, 2008

Hey! Let's ask Moses!

Over the past couple of years, I have had an awesome opportunity to talk with some great Hebrew scholars via

While prepping for sermons I have, on occasion, sent an email to the folks at AskMoses and asked their opinion. They have given me great insight into the mind of Judaism and their understanding of Torah. I have quoted them many times from the stage.

The people over at AskMoses are fascinating Rabbis and scholars. They have always been very kind and helpful. They know where I am coming from as a Christian and take great care in helping me understand.

I highly recommend chatting with them. I have always approached these fine folks with the respect they deserve. I shutter to think some idiot "Christian" may hear about them and send them "why did you kill Jesus" emails. G*d forbid. If you do visit them, seek to understand. Listen.

They also have some great videos.

The mission statement from their site is : : : provides one-on-one spiritual guidance to people of all backgrounds in a confidential, real-time forum with no required registration or fee. In addition to live counseling, the site offers a vast knowledge base of information on Judaism containing answers to a range of personal, spiritual and practical questions. With more than 100 scholars spanning the globe, offers its vital services in English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and French.
I love the tagline on the statement : : :

" Live. One-on-one. 24/6."

24/6. Nice touch.

Good conversation. Helpful. Available. Great beards.