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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Flowers and Hope

The auditorium and hallways looked colorful and smelled wonderful on Easter as they were flooded with flowers from a local florist. It was quite the site to have the flowers around our picturesque floor to ceiling windows with 6 inches of snow outside.

I love flowers. They say new life, new beginnings, change, freshness, beauty and hope. (they also say Nirvana MTV Unplugged but that is another story for another time).

The coolest part of the whole deal for me happened after the last Fusion. I grabbed about 20 people and we delivered the potted flowers to the retirement center across the street from the church.

Wheelchairs were up and down the hallway as we came in. Some were sitting playing games. Some were lying in bed.

I took Kasidy with me to deliver the flowers. The folks were so surprised and excited. It really shook me up to see them all anticipating family or wishing family were coming to see them on Easter. Kasidy got quite a few smiles from the crowd.

One guy—Ed—really tore my heart out. He asked if it would be possible to “hide” two flowers in his room to give his daughters in case they came by to see him that day. Lori, our children’s journey designer, hid them in his room for him.

I hope they came by.

This was all on the heels of Lori delivering three Nintendo Wii’s to the retirement home a couple of weeks ago. She has been taking a group of kids over each week to play Wii tennis and bowling with the old folks. The retirement home says the Wii’s have been a great addition as grandkids come to visit and can’t wait to play the games with their grandparents.

I am so proud of our church.