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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Foo For Thought

Yes. We were THAT close.
Yes. They ARE from an iPhone.
Yes. That IS the back of my head with Davey taking the picture.
Yes. That IS my son, Connor taking a picture with his phone.
Yes. That IS what it looks like to have 19,999 people behind you.
Yes. I DO fell blessed.
Yes. These tickets cost more (but not much). You just have to buy within 30 seconds of the online sale opening up.
Yes. I know. I know. I wish you were there too.


Anonymous said...

JVO-Not going to lie...i am a little jealous. What was your favorite part?

John said...

My favorite part was probably when Dave Grohl came out on the catwalk and rocked in front of us (about 6 feet away) for quite some time. Dang.