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Saturday, August 04, 2012


Said The Secret to The Skeleton, "How long have you been here?"
He said, "It's been a while now. I share a closet here with Fear . . .
I used to look a lot like you--so brave and fit to fight . . .
Now I long to leave this crowded place and step into the light."

Said The Secret to The Skeleton, "This space suits me just fine."
Said The Heart to The Secret, "There are more like you in line."
Said The Secret, "Ah, there's always room for such a pretty face."
Said The Heart, "The longer that you stay you'll take a lot more space."

Said The Skeleton, "You think you're slick and found a place to hide?"
Said The Heart, "Look! Skeleton has scratched me up to get to the outside."
Said The Dagger to The Heart, "You brought this all upon yourself . . .
You opened up your empty rooms, thought you could nurse these foes to health . . .

The longer that you shantied them, the sicker they became."
When a voice said, "I concur!" They all shouted, "What's your name?"
He said, "I come from the clan of Secret but I ran away from home . . .
I hitched a ride with Honesty and now I'm safe to roam . . .

He took me down a painful path, I barely did survive . . .
I lost some friends along the way but I'm glad that I'm alive . . .
Old Heart, she has more lovely spaces--just ask her for the key . . .
Doesn't matter what my name once was, my friends all call me, Free."

The conversation went through the night and some guests did not rest.
Secret said, "I never sleep. But I guess it's for the best."
Romance came knocking on Heart's door. "Is there a room for me to stay?"
But the sign would read, NO VACANCY 'till Secret went away.

By John Voelz

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