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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Prayer


For the one full of laughter, and memories, and peace
For the mom who is thankful, content, and at ease
For the one with the soccer club sticker on her van
For the one who at every recital’s a fan
For the moms who have mothered for many years,
For the moms who have fought for their kids through their tears
For the moms who ache over their babies’ choices
For the moms who long for their children’s voices
For the moms who celebrate trophies of grace
For the moms who can barely keep up the pace
For the children whose mother has taken her life
For the mother who struggles to love through the strife
For the child with a heart that’s full of hate
For the mom who just whispered the words, “I’m late!”
For the daughter who still carries the wounds of harsh words
For the mother who stands for the awkward and nerds
For the young woman who has tried, and tried, and tried
For the mommy who can’t leave her sick baby’s side
For the saint who adopted the unwanted child
For the one with a yearning to be reconciled
For the mother whose children refuse to speak
For the mom who successfully turns the other cheek
For the woman who loves the child they tease
For the mother who prays till there are scabs on her knees
For the mother-to-be overwhelmed with joy
For the one who planned for a girl and got a boy
For the kids who miss mom and cannot stand the pain
For the tired and exhausted who still don’t complain
For the grandma who isn’t allowed to see the kids
For the daughter and mother who are on the skids
For the woman whose son fights on foreign soil
For the one whose facial lines tell stories of toil
For the mother who had to bury her own
For the one with three jobs, working fingers to bone
For the mommy who works hard to meet special needs
For the one who does laundry, pays bills, cooks and feeds
For the one who crawls out of bed worn and scarred
For the one who will never again get a card
For the one who is doing this thing all alone
For the child who doesn’t have strength to phone
For the mom who prepared the dinner that’s now cold
For the one who wishes they’d just do what they’re told
For the pregnant young woman still a child herself
Whose friends have abandoned and put her on the shelf
For the woman whose wages barely pay for the sitter
For the mother with drive who exclaims, “I’m no quitter!”
For the ones we’ve forgotten to honor and praise
May you find beauty this day—covered in grace.

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