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Friday, December 16, 2011

STAR WARS Christmas

Star Wars Christmas

They say it’s better to give than to receive
But if I’m honest, that’s not something I always believe
I know that my home is chock full of . . .
Books I haven’t read and stuff that . . .
ends up in garage sales down the line.
I know I’ve got too many clothes . . .
More shoes than my wife, I know I should be so content and feeling fine.
And I am content for the most part.
But this Christmas there’s a few things that would really touch my heart.

I want the Star Wars figures that I had as a child
I want the Landspeeder that takes Luke for a ride
I want the telescoping lightsaber Vader. It sucks . . .
Cause my mom threw it out now it’s worth 6 thousand bucks.
A Millennium Falcon I can hang from the ceiling
And C3-PO, now my mind is reeling
With my R2-D2, the world was right.
I want my X-Wing fighter with the flashing laser light.

This Christmas we agreed to not spend money
‘Cause we’ve got each other, baby, sweetie, honey
This season we are low on cash . . .
I’ve entertained the “dine and dash” . . .
I need new breaks and the warranty will soon expire.
I don’t need new things, I’ve got plenty . . .
But those little Jawas—I had twenty
And with eBay you and I could both retire.

I want my Star Wars figures I had as a boy
I want my light saber, Sandtrooper, Power Droid
I want the Death Star Playset that we lit on fire
So many discarded, so many buyers
I want the D4 that we thought was lame
Even that guy we didn’t know his name
The badly cast Luke and the Leia that faded
I won’t make them kiss now that I know they’re related

And Santa, not too many more requests
But that elusive Rocket Firing Boba Fett
And that original Jawa with the vinyl cape
And the blue Snaggletooth I fixed with Dad’s duct tape

I want the Star Wars figures that I had back then
In the original packages they all came in
I want my Ben Kenobi the Jedi Master
Imperial Stormtrooper with the blaster
Want a time machine back to ‘78
So I could tell myself on my tenth birthday
Don’t unwrap the Hammerhead, hide it, save
Cause one day you’ll need to sell it to make the house payment

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