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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Edited Snippets I Think Matter #1

I'm currently in the editing process of my new book, "Follow You Follow Me" due out in April 2012, Abingdon Press. Please join the Facebook page.

I thought I'd blog some of the things we have cut out--little snippets that have merit but the book is too long. I invite your conversation.

Here's one for starters:

It is sometimes argued “Jesus did his ministry face to face so that’s good enough for me.” This is a poor argument since Jesus did not have a MySpace or Facebook page but it is also poor because it negates the kind of ministry that was done through the letters of the apostles that we hold sacred and valid to this day. Furthermore, if that argument is true, how are you doing? When is the last time you invited your neighbor over for dinner or even talked to him while he mowed the lawn?

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