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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Westwinds Staff Covenant

“When you make a vow to the Lord, do not delay in fulfilling it. He has no pleasure in fools. Fulfill your vow. It is better not to vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it.
--Ecclesiastes 5:4-5

I promise . . .

To Communicate
I will share my feelings honestly, and work at solving problems peacefully. When there is conflict or issues between us, I will initiate dialogue in an effort to bring resolution and understanding. I will let my “yes” be “yes” and my “no” be “no”. I will not expect you to read my mind. I will not play head games and expect you to know the right answers and have the right solutions. I will proactively, politely, calmly, and lovingly express my thoughts and feelings. I promise to discuss problems with you in an environment that is free from anger and reaction to the situation at hand.

To Be a Team Player
I will strive after consistency, accountability, punctuality, and loving unity. I will look for ways to encourage, support and serve you. I will do my best to be more than physically present in work related issues with you and will seek to have my mind and heart engaged during these times. I will support the team by honoring the commitments I make, be a good financial steward in overseeing my budget, and giving my best.

To Listen
I will listen very carefully to you and consider your needs rather than insist on having my own way. I will strive to keep from forming my answers, opinions, and/or defense while you are speaking—I will focus on you when you have the floor. I will seek to understand and relate, sympathize and empathize. I will be a shoulder to cry on and a friend to laugh with.

To Respect You
I understand the value and worth of every individual. I will follow the proper channels of authority when communicating even while realizing we’re all on the same team. I recognize there are systems and procedures put in place with the team’s best interest in mind, and I understand and submit to that, understanding hierarchy is not equated with value. I will honor you as an individual with your own likes, dislikes, tastes, boundaries, style, identity and personality. I will respect you by practicing spiritual, moral, and sexual purity.

To Honor You
I may not agree with everything you say. I may have a different point of view. I may have a different way of doing things. However, I promise I won’t devalue you or make you feel like you have no worth When I have an opportunity to talk about you in public, I will do so in a way that is honorable to you.

To Value You
I will encourage you and look for ways to praise you. I will hold you in high regard and protect you by refusing to gossip or slander you. I will not step on you, use you, or take advantage of you. I will also hold you accountable in a loving way because I care about you and have your best interest at heart.

To Love You

I will not manipulate you for my own gain. I will serve you. I will stay faithful to our relationship. I will make sacrifices for you.

To Seek God

I understand that you are not my savior and I am not yours. I do not fully comprehend and understand all the wonders of God. However, I promise to seek Him out, to learn more about Him, and to ask for His help in shaping a healthy relationship between us.

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