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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Giving Tree

Last night kicked off the first night of Westwinds’ “Giving Tree” at Biggby Coffee in Jackson.

Once again, tonight and tomorrow between the hours of 6:00p and 10:00p we will be handing out Christmas gifts at the coffee shop . . . just because. Through generous gifts to us and as part of our Christmas Beyond 1000 missional endeavor we are taking this opportunity to bless our community.

This effort is designed for folks in our Jackson community to come in to the coffee shop, fill out a registration form and get a free gift. We have hundreds. You can keep it, or pay it forward to someone else.

We are also drawing from the registration forms to award someone a Grand Prize package valued at over $250.00.

Last night it was a blast to see people opening gifts and getting just what they were hoping for or talking about the people they were going to bless with the gift they pass on. Gift cards, CD’s, Video Games, and a lot of great surprises are under that tree.

One woman told me her whole story and asked, “So, do I qualify?” This is the beauty . . . there is no qualifying.

People are given an opportunity to opt in for us to email them info about Westwinds but they are not obligated to do so.

The blessing in all this is being able to spread good cheer, lift spirits, not ask for anything in return, have great conversation, and let Jackson know there are a group of people who care at 1000 Robinson Road on the corner of McCain.

Last night we talked to 30 people who aren’t connected to a church and are looking for a place to call home. It was good to see smiles as they walked away with gifts and said, “See you soon.”

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