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Thursday, February 04, 2010

On Cool

I don’t want to be the cool guy.
I don’t want to have to tell you how cool I am.
I don’t want you to think I’m cool because everyone else said I am.
Cool guys die.
Usually young.
More importantly, cool guys only rarely really live.
I don’t think he’s cool even though they all say he is.
I don’t want to do what the cool kids are doing.
The cool kids are dumb.
More importantly, the cool kids are rarely smart.
I don’t want you to tell me what is cool to listen to.
Or wear.
Don’t tell me what place is cool.
Or not cool.
My friends are cool.
They don’t have to be cool to you.
They’re cool to me.
They treat me cool.
I want to be cool like them.
Don’t say that to me. That’s not cool.
I’m tired of you telling me how cool your new thing is.
Let me decide if it’s cool or not.
If I think it’s cool, I’ll tell others.
But, they can make up their own minds.
I don’t want you to expect me to be cool.
Cool is exhausting.
Cool has no end.
Cool is a game.
A losing game.
Cool changes.
Cool becomes boring fast.
I used to think that’s cool. Now, I think it sucks.
Sometimes, I’m cool.
It happens by working hard.
Sometimes it happens by accident.
I may not be cool tomorrow.
That’s cool.
I lied. I want you to think I’m cool.
Lying isn’t cool. But, it wasn’t really a lie.
I want you to know I’m cool where it counts.
But, not cool in the way I don’t want to be.
The kind of cool that just is.
I’m cool with that.
I don’t want to read cool things just to be cool.
I want to read things that make me say, “that is so cool.”
That is not cool how you are treating her.
Get off your . . . do something about it cool guy.
It is not cool to use the God card to manipulate.
I want to cool my jets.
Part of me is not cool.
My friends know what isn’t cool.
They tell me I’m not being cool knowing I’ve invited them to do that.
They are cool for taking that risk.
Does he have any friends who tell him that’s not cool?
I’m not cool enough to be his friend.
I am more than cool with that.
Are you sure you’re cool?
That was so not cool.
I want to sleep easy and know everything is cool.
A clear conscience is cool.
Rest is cool.
Peace is cool.
Forgiveness is cool.
Progress is cool.
Restoration is cool.
New life is cool.
Change is cool.
Feeling pretty cool right now.

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