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Monday, October 19, 2009

Playful Healing

This 4X4 piece was painted on 3/4inch plywood today. Bondo. Mixture of both oil and latex. This piece was inspired by the series we are in at Westwinds entitled, "Archetypes."

In the series, we are examining how individuals shadow God in the redemption of the world in relation to personality, spiritual gifts, dreams, etc.

Each week, we begin the message with a video short wherein the "King of the City" sends a letter to a different archetype and tells them he has a job for them to do in order to heal the city.

This painting captures a child juxtaposed between the innocence of a colorful and playful existence and their impending journey into adulthood. However, their mission to the city as an adult need not loose any of its innocence, playfulness, or satisfaction.

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