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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Downhere Christmas Album Doesn't Suck! Woo Hoo!

True confession: When it comes to Christmas music, I am usually pretty "Bah, Humbug." I get tired of it real fast. It always starts too early in the year in the stores. And, when it comes to new Christmas albums, it seems like I have to sort through quite a pile before I find anything fresh. I'm jaded. But honest.

Today, a Christmas album hit the street that is a breath of fresh air.

The guys from Downhere have turned out quality music for the past few years. Good poetry. Thoughtful. Engaging. Well produced. Fresh perspective. Well arranged. Good humor. Tight harmony.

"How Many Kings?: Songs for Christmas" has many great moments and makes me happy as opposed to the usual "I should have just downloaded the single for 99cents instead of wasting money on a whole album" feeling I usually get.

We are covering the title track at Westwinds on Christmas Eve. We are also doing their arrangement of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (a song that i have NEVER done at Christmas). Good King Wenceslas has a great little groove. Five Golden Rings was a fun little surprise and touch of Downhere fun. I love that these guys don't take themselves too seriously (p.s. buy their first album and stick around for the hidden track). Even the Silent Track is enjoyable summoning a bit of a Sigur Ros feel.

Thanks, guys . . . for not sucking.

I interviewed Jeremy a while back. You can read that interview here. I have always appreciated these guys. Buy the album. Rock stars need money. Click below for instant gratification.

downhere - How Many Kings - Songs for Christmas

Check out their video below:

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