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Monday, September 14, 2009

My Favorite Stage Interruptions of All Time

I'm not quite sure yet that Kanye's interruption of the VMA's wasn't designed by the folks at MTV to get our attention and make sure they stay in the news. It's getting a little predictable (Eminem and Bruno?). Although, if it was their idea, and it was premeditated, Kanye is even more of a loser for agreeing to do it than he is if it happened spontaneously. I was through with Kanye already but . . .

Anyway, here are some clips of some famous stage/award show interruptions that are classic and memorable and . . . not premeditated.

#1 The 1998 Grammy Awards and "Soy Bomb."
This interpretive dance by this guy makes me pee my pants laughing every time I stumble upon it again. I love watching Dylan try to keep his composure.

#2 Tim Commerford climbs a stage prop.
At the 2000 VMA's, bass player from Rage Against the Machine climbed the prop to protest Limp Bizkit winning the category Rage should have won. Fred Durst (Bizkit) acknowledged the move was "rock and roll" and Commerford should have got the award. Commerford got arrested for his little stunt.

#3 The Streaker. This one is classic. Go to this link and watch it. The Academy won't let me embed the video. David Niven had a great wah-wa-wahhhh line for this one.

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