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Friday, September 11, 2009

20 Bands from Sabbatical

I listen to a lot of music. It’s what I do.

I have a lot of favorite musicians who live in obscurity and will never grace the cover of Rolling Stone and, I kinda like that. But there are some bands who are embraced by the masses. Popularity does not a good band make but, there are a few popular heroes in my book. Here is a short list. Besides the great music, these are a few of my favorite “popular” bands and why.

This is not my Top 20 list necessarily, but they got the most play time on my sabbatical this summer.

The Beatles

The standard. The legend. The mark. The poetry. The hype. The story. The history. The personalities. The emotion.


The grandeur. The spectacle. The extravagance. The politics. The God talk. The turn of phrase. The cleverness.

Foo Fighters

The rock. The energy. The laughter. The tone. The sing-ability. The fun. The angst. The legend that is Dave.

Kings of Leon

The freshness. The attitude. The family. The approachability (of the members). The anti-formula.

The Vines

The raw. The harmony. The in-your-face. The grit. The hook.


The artistry. The palette. The timbre. The talent.


The originality. The vibra-slap. The speak-singing. The humor.

Counting Crows

The array. The whine. The accessibility. The instrumentation. The poetry.

Lenny Kravitz

The attitude. The ethos/authenticity. The style. The clothes. The humility. The honesty.

No Doubt

The horns. The aerobics. The camaraderie. The punk. The pout. The pop.

Pearl Jam

The place in history. The flannel (of days gone by). The memories. The gravel. The sweat. The frantic.

The Police

The reggae. The minimal. The vox. The hits. The longevity. The relevance.


The guitar. The glitter. The soul. The color.


The art. The originality. The computer. The voice. The pain. The think. The provoke.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The funk. The tats. The energy. The bad voice. The personalities.

Sheryl Crow

The studio sounds. The country/rock/soul. The writing. The guitars.

The White Stripes/Raconteurs/Jack White

The fervor. The guts. The sounds. The whine. The live show. The pale. The comfort in his own skin.

Fountains of Wayne

The every other song that’s better than Stacy’s Mom. The pop. The smiles. The soundtracks. The musicianship.

Tom Petty

The country. The ugly. The telecaster. The band. The cruise-ability. The memories.


The blues. The screams. The grit. The predictability. The school dances.

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