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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jim Gaffigan and an Offended Religious Person

Jim Gaffigan is my favorite comic. I never intently listened to him until Ben got me hooked on him. Until being infected by Ben's own addiction, I had seen him in a couple of Comedy Central specials and, of course, Conan and the Sierra Mist commercials. Now, I'm hooked.

He's out promoting his new special which will air on March 29th on Comedy Central.

I appreciate the way Jim laughs at religion in the same way I appreciate South Park's pokes at the church--though he is WAY less offensive. Still, he's able to help us view the church through the "every-man's" eyes. Check out this audio when an offended religious person calls in to a talk show angry at Jim.

Watch his new bit (pun intended) on "Bacon."

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