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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Michael Jordan and Iraq

Just talked to my friend, Jeff in Cali. He has an interesting perspective on Iraq and shared a great little metaphor with me. We don't usually talk politics here on Vertizontal but I thought this was interesting and it is much like the conversation I am having with some of my friends overseas.

Here is Jeff's perspective:

Imagine Michael Jordan is playing a basketball game against a 17 year old boy. Both agree that the game is going to be played to 10. The game starts, Michael gets his 10 points and the boy gets 1 point. The boy then, excited by his one point says no... let's play to 20. For whatever reason Michael agrees. Score is Michael 20, Boy 3. (He hit a couple lucky ones.) Game over? Nope... Boy now wants to play to 100. Fine. Michael agrees again and this time he pushes hard. Score Michael 100, Boy 4. Not to be a quitter the Boy now wants to play but with no score. Instead the first one to quit is the looser! Most would say to agree to those rules you are either retarded, a moron, have lost your mind, or you have a few screws loose (Jeff's words).

According to Jeff, apparently we play the same game in Iraq.

1. Our "stated" goal when we invaded Iraq was to find and remove weapons of mass destruction. There were no weapons of mass destruction! In a sense we win right? Nope, new game.

2. New goal has changed to remove an evil dictator who is killing his own people. Then we caught him and he is no longer with the living. We win again right? Nope, new game!

3. New goal changed to "bring democracy" to Iraq. The people in Iraq have had an election and elected their own leaders... democracy in action. Democracy complete... we win again right? Nope!

4. So now we have changed our goal again. This time there is no definition on how to win, it's simply, "don't loose." Who can play longest?

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