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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Literal Art

I used to work with a wonderful staff member long ago who could not stand to leave things uninterpreted or unexplained. This caused many problems for us even though we are great friends to this day.

I wanted to hang a piece of art and invite dialogue . . . he wanted me to explain it all away. I wanted to show a gripping video clip . . . he wanted me to set it up and explain why it fit our “theme.” I loved first person narrative sermons, biblical theology, and inductive approaches to speaking . . . he loved acronyms, pithy grabbers, and wrapping it up nice and tidy.

The writers of some biblical children’s books don’t like tension and they are creating havoc for our children.

Life is full of tension. Non-answers. Mystery. The unexplained.
The Bible is full of tension. Stories with bad endings. Ambiguity. Paradox.
The human condition is full of tension. Questions of “why?” Confusion. Things that don’t make sense.

The video below might shed some light on this. Hilarious. Thanks to Ben for showing me this video this morning. It isn’t a perfect analogy but . . . feeling pressure to provide all the right answers and wrap it all up at the end of a Sunday with three points and a poem feels a little like what these guys have done with this video.

Enjoy! And, you are welcome.

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