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Friday, August 22, 2008

Through the Years

Thanks to my friend Pete for showing me this site so I could waste an hour of my time tonight.

Yeah, that's my face through the imaginary years.


  • I must say, I think the top left photo bears a striking resemblance to one Michael Phelps.
  • The bottom right makes me want to stay with Weight Watchers for sure! That is plain ugly and disturbing to me.
  • Far left, second down . . . "we represent the lullaby league"
  • Bottom, third from left . . . bears a striking and disturbing resemblance to the actual me circa 1984 but the sweater would have been much more Cosby Show than that
  • Top right . . . a resemblance to Jeff Goldblum?
  • Far right, second down . . . let's be honest, that's sexy. That's a Tiger Beat cover waiting to happen. A young Brad Pitt perhaps? A more sophisticated Leif Garrett?
  • Middle w/glasses . . . I'm not gonna lie, that looks like a serial killer photo. Frightening. Make it go away.
Your observations?

Try it for yourself!

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