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Friday, July 18, 2008 and Twitter

We just got our webpage all set up at to update our church Twitter feeds via a feed aggregator. SO, if you visit this link on the church webpage you will get our most recent updates. It refreshes for new updates every few minutes.

This is such a great way to get updates to the folks who aren’t using Twitter regularly.

It is also a great way for us to disseminate information and get a quick view of all the latest Westwinds updates at once.

Also, the front page of our website now includes this message:

“These days we have been fond of Twitter—the social networking site. We have used and continue to experiment with Twitter live in our weekend Fusion experience as well as keeping a conversation going throughout the week. If you are interested in joining the weekend series' conversations and/or following the updates and conversations our staff is having throughout the week, please go to Twitter and sign up for an account.

It is free! Once you are hooked up with Twitter you can "follow" "WestwindsSeries" or any of our staff. You can search for staff members on Twitter simply by typing their names in the search box. Once you follow a staff member, you may want to see who they are following, and meet some new friends.

Join the conversation today. Once you are signed up and signed in to Twitter, you can follow anyone listed below by clicking on the link. You may also visit the link on this page to see the ongoing conversation if you don't use Twitter. “
• To sign up for Twitter, click here
• For news and information on Westwinds' message series, updates, and live Fusion conversation, click here
• For occasional updates on general Westwinds stuff, click here
• For John Voelz, our Coriolis:Experience, click here
• For David McDonald, our Coriolis:Narrative, click here
• For occasional Coriolis updates, click here
• For Bed Redmond, our Student Journey designer, click here
• For Lori Tate, our Kids' Journey designer, click here
• For Frank Meely, assistant to John Voelz, click here
• For Noma Racey, assistant to David McDonald, click here
• For Becky Veydt, our Causemology/Satellite link, click here
• For Juan Cordova, our Tech Media Guru, click here
• For Andra Campo, our Coffee Aficionado, click here
• For Brad Kimpell and the Image Team, click here
• For David Buchanan and Co-efficient Media (our website dude/jack of all trades), click here

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