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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Relationship/Causemology/Twitter oh, my!

Recently, we talked with Erin Kreger, who has quickly become one of my favorite people in the world along with her husband, Jay. We asked Erin to share what God has been doing in her life, what Westwinds means to her, how she has changed as a result of Westwinds and Westwinds'relationships, etc.

This interview was also very interesting to me because of what Erin says about Twitter and the impact it has had on her. For those of you who have wondered about the "rubber meets the road" stuff with our Twitter experiments and use of Twitter around Westwinds, watch this video!

Erin and Jay have been at Westwinds less than a year. They immediately jumped in to Causemology--which is Westwinds' life navigation portal and catalyst for missional engagement. They are serving in the areas of TechMedia and Facilities. They jumped in with both feet at Westwinds with a desire to know God better and be in community.

Honestly, we could not have paid an actor to do a better job at this faith story. We love you, Erin. Glad you are part of Westwinds.

P.S. We are showing this video in Fusion this weekend. If you are a pastor/worship leader/programming person/ etc. and you are not collecting and sharing these kinds of stories with your church you are missing out on some very cool stuff. This interview took little time to record, little time to edit, little time to upload, and the payoff is huge. People love to watch a fire burn. Erin's story is encouraging to me.

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