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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pastors and People #7

The Bible says we are a kingdom of priests. We all have a role and a responsibility to care for one another in the church. It is not one man or woman or two men or three men or a staff’s job or an elder’s job—it’s all of our job to care for one another. We hold one another accountable; we keep one another in check.

This is one of the reasons I love the team leadership model here at Westwinds. I love that the senior pastor role is shared because I think there’s less room for error.

Does that mean the senior pastor model is bad? No, not at all, it works all over the place; it works great in many different places, but the senior pastor model is extra-biblical.

I could tell you everything about the Church of Galatia, but I couldn’t tell you who the senior pastor was. I’m hoping and I’m praying any single one of us could leave the leadership team and this church would prevail. It would continue, because it’s not about any single one of us.

I have friends who are in this Lone-Ranger-super-pastor position right now and the weight of the world is killing them. They’re holding on to things and they’re juggling so many things God never intended for them to own.

Shame on them for getting into that position in the first place, but also shame on the church for allowing them to get there. Shame on the church for being the person who says, “This will be taken care of; people get paid for this kind of thing.” Shame on them for the grumbling and complaining; the only time they talk to him is telling him what’s gone wrong.

Pray for your leaders. Encourage your pastors. Support them, take care of them and don’t let them get weary. When things suck for you, they suck for them too. Stop and think before you grumble. Stop and think: I wonder how this is being played out in the minds of my leaders? Ask how you can help them carry the load.

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