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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kasidy Gets Baptized

We are currently in Arizona visiting my wife’s parents. My brother-in-law and his wife—along with their three children—decided to join us on this vacation, which has been a real treat.

The greatest treat of all for me on Father’s Day is to have all my children here. We flew oldest daughter Karysa in from Connecticut to be with us. Her hubby Charlie had to stay behind unfortunately.

My daughter Kasidy has been asking to get baptized for quite some time. She has also been asking if her big sister could be there when she got baptized.

So, this weekend she got her wish. The timing was right. Much like the Ethiopian who asked Peter if there was any reason why he should not be baptized when they were by the water (Acts 8), Kasidy seized her opportunity.

All 12 of us headed to the clubhouse this afternoon to celebrate Kasidy’s baptism.

Daddy loves you and he is very proud of you, baby.

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