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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

20 More Ways to Twitter in Church

Like I said earlier, not everyone loved and embraced Twitter in the way we used it this weekend though the response was very positive. My friend Paul asked that I share the other 20 ways we brainstormed how to use Twitter in church. Thanks for the nudge, Paul.

If you have another idea, add it to the list.

1. Breakout discussions during the service—reserve 10 minutes for Twitter banter with some instrumental tunes.

2. Put 20 Twitter Plants in your audience and tell them the things you want them to reiterate on the screen. The new worship leaders.

3. Give permission for Twitter at any time—even when it is not on the screens. Get your people sharing their thoughts with one another.

4. Communicate with your booth, ushers, nursery, or whomever through Twitter. Last week I twittered it was hot in the room. The ushers got right on it.

5. Have your other staff Twitter with the message and guide the conversation and what you want people to remember most.

6. Q and A

7. End of service on-screen surveys.

8. Text your vote. Put up a list of songs at the end and ask people to Twitter what they like and don’t like.

9. Send messages to missionaries and those in cyber-land during the service.

10. Promote the events that are happening throughout the week on the screen at the end of the service.

11. Let your people interact with your elder board.

12. Line up 50 people to give 140 character testimony/faith stories during communion.

13. Script an entire Twitter conversation and gather 50 people to help pull it off.

14. Do a Twitter scripture reading. Split your scripture up between as many people as you like and have them Twitter the scripture in sequence on the screens.

15. Do a ministry fair blitz through Twitter. Get all your ministry heads present on Twitter between or after church services talking about how to get involved with their area of ministry.

16. Schedule a post-service Twitter application group focused around the message for the day.

17. Have your people Twitter links to their favorite inspiring websites.

18. Ask people to Twitter their burning questions about the service.

19. Promote the ministries of the church in 140 characters. i.e. @shameonyoko is waiting at the coffee bar to talk to you about the band. @loritate is dying to share with you about kids journey after Fusion. Come down the hall for snacks! Join @shameonyoko for a beer at Westpoint tonight at 6:00. Etc.

20. Have your people send out their prayers of encouragement to someone who can’t be there. i.e. @shameonyoko says, “I am praying for your peace” @guerillahost. @normzie says, “we are so proud of you guys working in Mexico on ! We are praying for your strength!”

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