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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Creative Clues

I had a prof tell me in college he thought the biblical idea of “training up a child in the way he should go” is actually a reference to finding your child’s particular “bent.” In other words, according to my prof, parents are instructed by God to study and know their children in order to provide them with the necessary tools they need for life navigation according to their passions and gifting. Hmmm.

I disagree with my prof. I don’t think that is what Proverbs 22:6 is saying at all (another post, another time). But, his observation has haunted my thinking forever.

Even if that is not what the passage is saying . . . how would the world be different if parents took the time to study their children, know them, create ways for them to express themselves, speak their language, etc.? I want to be that kind of parent. Tahni and I both do.

In that tradition, Tahni suggested I write some “clues” for Kasidy to read throughout the day on her birthday (this past Sunday) leading up to her gift. Kasidy loves mystery, intrigue, surprise, treasure, games, trivia, etc. Plus, she loves giving and receiving gifts. So, in her world . . . gifts are a BIG deal. Gifts aren’t to be taken lightly. They are designed. Purposeful. Thoughtful.

Plus, Kasidy has a blog of her own where she shares her poetry.

The clues were a big hit. Just for fun, here are the clues Kasidy received throughout the day leading up to the big reveal

#1 Wake up! Wake up! Sleepy head.
We know you’re tired and like your bed
But it’s time for you to get in gear
It’s a special day, your birthday’s here!
We have some clues about your prize
So listen close and open your eyes!

#2 Here is clue number two
Something special just for you
Your brother doesn’t have one of these
When he sees yours he’ll be begging, “please”
You’ll be excited, it will be neat
You won’t be able to sit in your seat

#3 You’ll never guess, even if you try
But you’ll be pumped! You may even cry.
This is the third in the chain of clues
You’ll be shocked right out of your shoes

#4 We thought you’d like to pick it out
There are many colors and styles no doubt
Imagine trails through the woods
Do you want to go there? Wish you could?
This will make it easy for you
It will help you push on through
You won’t want to stay inside
Life is too fun—like a ride
You’ll have to learn, you’ll have to train
You cannot leave it in the rain
Dad made a special place inside
To store it—there it can abide
Let’s take a trip to the big giraffe
We like to go there—it makes us laugh
The middle of the place—near the back
Your prize is sitting on a rack
Can you guess what it might be?
(No, it’s not Nintendo Wii)
It’s something that will make you grin
Let’s go to town, let the games begin!

I highly recommend trying this with your kids. Your boss. Your pastor. Your teacher. Your parents (hey . . . Mother’s Day is coming up). Your friends.

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Anonymous said...

That's so fun! I'm absolutely stealing this idea for my kid's bday coming up.

Tim M said...

awesome idea! My dad does the same thing with one gift every year for Christmas since forever. I'm 27, my brothers are even older, and he still hides one gift and leaves clues that lead to OTHER clues that lead to OTHER clues that finally lead to my new deskchair! What a cornball. It's still fun after all these years.