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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I love it when I find the time to simply cruise the web for a few hours. How often does that happen? Very seldom. However, when you get hit with the flu and your fever confines you to your bed what better time is there to surf?

In my surfing over the past couple of days, I found a great site you may want to check out. StumbleUpon allows you to choose things you are interested in and install a toolbar so that when you choose to "stumble" and a site is chosen for you based on your interests, you can rate it (thumbs up or down) and StumbleUpon will begin to make note of the things you like thereby helping you "stumble upon" more cool sites as it makes better recommendations for you.

One of the cool sites I stumbled upon today is When you get there, it will just be a white screen. Nothing's wrong. Start moving your cursor. The site allows you to create your own works in the "drip and splash" style of Pollock (of course, you are limited by your mouse movements and the program but, you can mess around with it and begin learning how to manipulate it.

I posted my Pollock-esque piece above.


Lover of Renee said...

How did you save the pic? Which is awesome by the way. Thanks for sharing.

John said...

Lover of Renee--are you a mac user?