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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Server Theology

The following is a true story. Mostly. It is my way of dealing with current IT difficulties.

I cannot connect to our server today. No mail. No charts. No notes. Nothing. (very true)

The notification on my screen says, “The server may not exist.” And, you know what? I believe it.

I mean, I think I have been connected to it before but I am not sure. Maybe there is some other explanation for how I got things done in the past.

I haven’t seen the server. I suppose I could walk down the hall and see if it is there in the room they say it is in but, I don’t want to and my computer has no reason to lie to me. They say it looks like the one in the picture above but that is just a visual representation of someone’s idea of what a server looks like.

Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone in this office has seen the server. They just say it works for them.

Some are complaining about the server even though they are connected. I don't get mixed up in this because, bottom line is, the server doesn't work for me and these petty complaints don't make it any easier for me.

I just want stuff to work. I just want to be connected to something outside my laptop. I'd love to be part of the larger network.

I have tried and tried to connect to no avail. I have tried everything. I have asked for advice and called in the experts. No one can help me.

No one else seems to be having quite the same trouble I am and no one understands my pain. They have never been where I am. Which is funny because we all have the same server.

Though they are all connected, I am sure my problem is the server’s fault.

I can get by without the server, however. I don’t need it. It’s not like my server is the only way to connect to all my important documents—or . . .


Byler B said...

I think you should try resetting your computer, John. It is really easy, just hit that button and start over. Sometimes it seems more complex then that. Most times we try everything else because we figure it can't be that simple. IT just IS. Even though you may have done this before, try it again.

OH...and when the server does come back you may still be angry but at least it will be there for you to connect to again.

John said...

nice brandyb. nice.

Google_Fu said...

I thought Macs just worked?

(sorry John, couldn't resist)