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Sunday, April 06, 2008

"Roll me and call me the tumbl'n dice"

Is anyone else using Tumblr?

I love this site. It allows me to post quick pics and quips that I wouldn't necessarily post on my Vertizontal blog. Plus, I set mine up (and you can too) to post all your blog posts to Tumblr as well, so . . . people can check your Tumblr and also get your blog posts.

I can also quickly share websites I think people should check out.

Go to my Tumblr site and check it out! You might want to get a site too.

If you already Tumbl, (seems so weird to leave that e off the end), let me know by leaving a comment.


marklee3d said...

Hey man. I'm totally diggin your tumblr site. Love the "snapshot" theme. Also looked like that Q event was pretty slammin...

I want to experiment a little more, but since I have two blogs I'm thinking of feeding those both into the tumblr and having that be the url I give out to people.

I love the simplicity and the ease of updating. The no comments thing is weird at first but kind of refreshing...