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Sunday, April 13, 2008

NYC Take Aways

1. Case settled. Porsche is pronounced “por-sha” and not “porsh.” We heard it from the mouth of Porsche ad exec Shane Hipps.

2. The advertising agencies job is to “hijack your head, brand your brain, and feed you opinions you actually thought were your own.” Thanks for that one as well, Shane.

3. “The culture war is over. We lost.” --Jud Wilhite

4. “ . . . every day, I sought higher transcendence through the extravagant materials. I found success in expression through Nihonga materials. And yet the weight of beauty I saw in the materials began to crush my own heart. I could not justify the use of extravagance if I found my heart unable to contain their glory.”—Makoto Fujimura

5. It is easy to walk 23 miles in the course of 3 days in NYC. I know. I wore my pedometer.

6. If you ever want to live stream a gathering, ask permission. Once you get permission, ask if they are the person who should be giving you permission.

7. Imodium AD is a lie.

8. Little Italy is an incredible dining experience.

9. If in NYC, buy a hotdog from a street vendor for the experience.

10. Irish pubs owned and operated by the Irish are way cooler.


Mark Jaffrey said...

My man, if you ever need any advice on medication for your bowels, you must get in touch. We've tried 'em all, and Immodium is at the top of the "do not take, ever" list. It's a killer when it works properly - could take you quite a while to get going again, if you know what I mean.

I agree about the Irish bar insight. We have great Irish pubs back home in Liverpool - it's the capital of Ireland in England.

Paul J. said...

Looks like a blast. I love New York.
Wait...didn't someone say that once?

Eric Hilliard said...

The only real hot dog is one from a New York City street vendor, or one enjoyed watching the Mets play at Shea Stadium.