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Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Crucifixion of Oprah Part Deux

In this post I will take a few of the quotes and allusions from the video and add some quips for thought. The video spins so many things. They may or may not be right but to believe the hype against Oprah—or any hype for that matter— hook line and sinker without some thought is dangerous. I will give it a spin of my own.

The video starts off asking if we have heard of the largest church in the world—an obvious leading question to “expose” Oprah and her followers. If we are really going to be honest, no matter how big Oprah’s following is, it is not a church. It is certainly not the church. It is certainly not “the bride” though many of the bride do enjoy Oprah. So, let’s be careful.

Oprah promoted a mass trance? Really? That’s what breathing in and out is? That is what sitting in silence is? I guess some could call it a biblical prayer stance. Some could call it slowing down. Some could call it rest. Mass trance? Barf.

I am so exhausted after typing that I am currently trancing.

They then quote someone who I am assuming is Eckhart Tolle, the author of the new book Oprah is promoting called “A New Earth” as saying “Who you are requires no belief.” Taken out of context (like they do in this video numerous times) this quote is actually true. You don’t have to believe anything. Now, to be a Christian there are a few things that I have to believe in order to call myself a Christian. I happen to believe Jesus is the only way to God. It doesn’t make me narrow-minded. It makes me a Christian.

On a practical and encouraging level, there are numerous things that Christians line up on both sides of that don’t change the fact they can both be Christian. You believe in free will? Good. You can still be a Christian. You believe in predestination? Good. You too can be a Christian. Furthermore, I will live life and die and Jesus is God no matter if I believe it or not.

Supposedly, Oprah is promoting the idea that “Heaven is not a location but refers to the inner realm of consciousness.” Guess what? There are hundreds of great theologians who believe heaven is not a physical place either. I have often grappled with it. Is heaven really “up” and through some door in the sky? What about all the biblical talk about kingdom living in the here and now?

Here’s a concept . . . last night my 8- year old said, “Dad I love that God can do anything He wants. Jesus walked through walls and stuff. Wouldn’t it be weird if heaven were actually all around us and we just can’t see it while we are alive but when we die Jesus will open our eyes and we will see Him and everybody else? What if heaven is right here Dad?!” Yeah, my 8-year old. She actually believes God can create heaven wherever and however He wants and that I may never be able to grasp it. Didn’t someone once say, “no eye has seen no ear has heard the things He has prepared for those who love Him”? My 8-year gets that.

I am still not convinced Oprah is some kind of anti-Christ. I do tune in to a woman who asks a lot of spiritual questions, desires to know God, is stirring a lot of talk about God, doesn't claim to have all the answers, is pretty vulnerable, and gives a whole bunch of freaking money to help out the poor, disenfranchised, forgotten, and abused and is making a big difference in our world.

This is post deux of four posts on the recent internet slayings of Oprah. If you want to read more check out the next post.