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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Why I Twitter

Top 20 Reasons

The micro-blog component—the ability to share my thoughts and hear other’s thoughts in “real time.”

A chance to laugh with one another. Most Tweets enjoy saying something witty when they Twitter and it keeps us smiling all day long

The feeling that I am connected to a network with the tap of a key

Staying in touch with my friends daily without phone calls and lengthy emails that require responses. Yes, it is somewhat impersonal but, there’s no way I would hear from all these people everyday otherwise.

Sharing prayer requests and praying for others : : : stat

Easier than a chat room and not as annoying and interruptive throughout the day. I can walk away for a bit and catch up on the conversation in 2 minutes whereas a chat usually requires my immediate and focused attention

The occasional “vent” to my friends and people of like mind. I hear theirs as well. Different than venting in a blog or some other permanent vent for the whole world to read.

Fast new info. It happens : : : I hear about it

Getting together—facilitating a place to meet

Knowing where my friends are at all times and being able to visualize them in those places

Banter : : : teasing one another : : : all in fun.

Following people I wouldn’t follow otherwise and feeling like I am making friends in the process

Following my friends’ conversations with people I don’t know but they do.

The 140 character limit on length requires thoughts to be concise

Great for interactive communication in a group setting—put ongoing twitters on screen for all to interact with presentation

Build a network very quick! Get an account and have a large group of people to follow within minutes as opposed to MySpace and other networks

Very easy to access and have open all day (with Twitteriffic especially)

No need to sign in and enter passwords every freaking time you want to check up or post something real quick

Love the feeling that when I see some friends a year from now I will feel like we have been hanging out together on a regular basis

The ability to get quick updates from corporate web sites and blogs I follow on a regular basis