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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vino Vixenz

This site is very cool. Anyone who knows me knows I am a Scotch man but, being that my wife is so into wine, I have also developed quite a thing for the fruit of the vine and you may not have known that about me.

Some of my favorite traveling memories involve sampling wines from places around the world. Wine is an adventure. From the hills of the Napa Valley, to Germany's river Rhine vineyards, to the wine tasting underground cellars in the walled city of France's Carcassonne, I have fond memories tied to wine.

Vino Vixenz first sounded to me like one of those sites that may show up on my buddies’ accountability web report from so I was hesitant at first. Ummm, don’t worry, it is totally safe and all about wine.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the more comprehensive and easy to navigate sites I have stumbled across in relation to wine. I wish there were a Scotch site that was so accessible and easy to approach from the beginner level. Reviews, pronunciation guide, reviews, articles, regions, reds, whites.

I ran it by my friend and wine connoisseur Dan the Wine Pastor and he gave it the thumbs up!

While you are out there, check out Wine for Novices. This is another wonderful site—growing and expanding all the time. Great tips. Good info.

Wine is bottled poetry.
Robert Louis Stevenson


danp said...

JVo, Years ago I walked into a buddy of mine's wine shop and there was a well articulated quote on the wall above a well priced Sauvignon Blanc, quoting Dan P. from the Wine Pulpit. It was meant as a joke. I love introducing folks to the intricacies about wine and the art it truly is.

By the way... got a chance to do some well overdue reading on several of your posts... Women in ministry. We should talk! You give me hope for the church!