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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tommy's House

Kasidy and I have a red-eared slider turtle named Tommy (yes, you should be thinking “The Who” right now).

I bought him for Kasidy for Christmas (I wanted him bad too) and we both take care of him. He is very cool. He's got great personality.

This week we cleaned his tank. It is a huge undertaking.

Kasidy thought we should rearrange his stuff—his thermometer, his heater, his plant, and his rock. Just for aesthetic value. Just for change. Kasidy just rearranged her own room where Tommy lives so it seemed appropriate.

Ummm. Tommy apparently hated it.

I have never seen anything like this.

He scooted his plant all the way back to the corner it came from. He ripped his suction-cupped rock off the side. He moved the thermometer.

I had no idea turtles were capable of this.

Apparently even the reptile kingdom is resistant to change or should I say . . . slow to change? Okay, that was bad. But, there is a sermon illustration here somewhere.