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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Solomon's Rant

This series we are doing in Ecclesiastes has drawn some controversy. I feel great about it. 98% of our people feel great about it and have flooded us with emails and phone calls. 2% are not so happy and are letting us know through email. I may blog about it sometime when I am not raw.

We are headed in to the second week this weekend and Dave has produced a promo video that we sent out in our Community Email.

I am posting this video for two reasons : : :

1. I think Dave does a great job of communicating our heart for this series we are in entitled, "Smoke and Dust."

2. My desk/studio space is directly behind Dave in the video. Let's play a game of "I Spy." Can you find the following items in the video?

: : : A Cirque du Soleil "Love" H20 bottle
: : : A wine bottle
: : : The Beatles Anthology book
: : : An old copy of "Finale" in the box
: : : A Starbucks mug
: : : A picture of Kasidy (my 8yr-old)
: : : A Canon camera box
: : : My Def Leppard "Vault" CD.

P.S. If you see the CD let me know. I can't find it. I am pretty sure someone heisted it from my desk.