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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

LOST Twitters

@Sayid Jarrah : : : dude, what has Ben done to you? And, aren’t you really English? I have a few people for you to torture for me.

@Claire Littleton : : : can’t you see Charlie loved you? He didn’t have to die! Way to go.

@Jack Shephard : : : dude, slow down. You pant every time you talk. I want to be you when I grow up though.

@Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes : : : don’t worry man. We all saw that creepy Dave guy too. Calm down. Eat a chicken or something. When I think I’m going crazy I just start counting. Repeat after me 4 8 15 16 23 42

@James 'Sawyer' Ford : : : I’m talking to you Dennis Leary. Twitter me back Keith Urban.

@Jin Kwon : : : 호랑이는 죽으면 가죽을 남기고, 사람은 죽으면 이름을 남긴다 서당개 삼 년에 풍월 읊는다.

@Sun Kwon : : : Jin is a liar. I saw him on Regis and Kelly. He speaks English.

@Kate Austen : : : please marry my son.

@John Locke : : : help me.

@Charlie Pace : : : You all everybody.

@Michael Dawson : : : wimp

@Ben Linus : : : you’re number is 666

@Desmond Hume : : : dude, it’s been like ten years since I’ve seen you. Dude, why are you in my living room? Dude why are you in my living room ten years from now. Your nose is bleeding.

@Danielle Rousseau : : : Just because there is no shower facility does not mean you cannot take advantage of the huge body of water that surrounds you.

@Mr. Eko : : : we want you on staff.

@Juliet Burke : : : Jack belongs with Kate. Don’t mess it up. And, if Kate says no will you marry my son?

@Penny Widmore : : : You’re dad has all the money in the world. Can you not get a phone with better reception?

@Walt Loyd : : : quit freaking me out. I hate little kid ghosts. I see you in my dreams.

@Shannon Rutherford : : : that’s disgusting. Boone is your step brother. Have some class.

@Boone Carlyle : : : hey, way to go with Shannon, man!