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Friday, March 14, 2008

LOST souls

Jin's tombstone. Notice the date? September 22, 2004. The date of the crash.

Wondering if the Jin sequence was a flashback or a flashforward? Remember what the man in the shop said to Jin? He told him to buy the dragon stuffed animal because it was the "year of the dragon" and it would bring him good luck. The year of the dragon in the Korean zodiac is 2000. This would explain why Jin said he had only been married two months.

What's going on? A faked death? Is Jin still on the island? Notice the careful language of Sun at the end of the show? Never said he was dead. Just said, "I miss you."

Love this show.


Scott said...

Jon, thanks for posting this. I had meant to go and look at it myself. One of the podcasts that I listen mentioned that the date is that of the crash. I do not think he is dead. One explanation may be that he is having to hide to avoid Sun's father, Mr. Paik and his ilk. But, I don't think Jin is counted as one of the Oceanic six. The question is "Is Aaron?"