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Thursday, March 06, 2008


The Macbook Air completely disassembled.

Of course, if you own a Mac you will never see the insides like this.

Now, if there were such thing as a "PC Air" and you owned one, then you would already be familiar with the insides because Dell tech support would have already instructed you how to take it apart and fix it yourself.

(photo from Gizmodo)


Melody said...

Yes I totally agree. LOL, that gave me a good laugh, but I'm sure there was a certain reason behind this post. Problems with Dell and a laptop?

John said...

Well, Melody . . . back in the day before my conversion. Yes.

Google_Fu said...

That's interesting. Here is a post from a blog of I guy I know that details his co-workers different opinion:

(His daughter puked all over his Dell laptop and they replaced it free of charge. Later an Apple rep. told him that they would have told him to buy a new laptop.)

We use Dell at work and I have had them replace a laptop free of charge because one of my users spilled her coffee all over it- fying the laptop. With Complete Care Coverage- it was no problem.

I use Macs, Windows, and Linux, so I am not a fanboy of any one over the other.