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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Easter Bulletin

One of my favorite sites is adgoodness. I have seen so many creative things on this site and it updates quite readily. I highly suggest if you are a creative you subscribe to the blog from their home page.

So, I am totally stealing this idea. This Easter, all of Westwinds' Bulletins (we call it "The Draft") will become part of someones garden as a visual reminder of Easter at Westwinds. Nothing like communicating that your church is a great place to belong! This is freaking awesome!

Honda wanted to raise the green credentials of its lawn and garden equipment and to remind avid gardeners that Honda’s range of products its not only good for their garden, it’s also good for the environment. Their solution was a letter that grows. They printed the direct mail piece on specially made paper containing seeds that could be planted to grow flowers. When consumers planted the letter, it became a permanent (and lovely) part of their garden. In terms of a gardening message, “Honda” literally became part of their garden.

In terms of a green message, they went beyond “Carbon Neutral” and created an idea that would ultimately remove carbon from the atmosphere. Both the envelope and paper were 100% recycled, acid free and environmentally friendly. They even used green friendly inks.

Agency: Inferno London, United Kingdom

(Reprinted from adgoodness)


Anonymous said...

JVo... I really dig this idea. So if you don't mind, I'd like to rip you off, ripping Honda off. I looked around and couldn't find a recycled, seedbearing paper supplier... Do you have one in mind?