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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"What Poetry Can Mean" for Randy Elrod--the dreamer of Kalein

My 8-year-old is magical. She continues to amaze me with her musical skills, her poetry, her artistry, her imagination . . .

Last week we visited the future sight of Kalein Artist Development Center with the cre:ate crew. Kasidy was in awe. She told us she wanted to be an artist at Kalein one day. I believe she will be. She wrote this poem for Randy. You can read her other poems on her blog.

"What Poetry Can Mean"

For Randy Elrod the Dreamer of Kalein

One day I dream of poetry,
what poetry can mean.
I listen and I lean.
As if beauty were a calling,
as if the sky so smoothly falling.
I take a step with gentle care
but the ground just turned to air.
Everything I see turns to gold.
With a pen in my hand I write
as the pages flip fold by fold.
I write each word like a steady weave.
I felt like the words in my head would not leave.
I now know what poetry can mean
all because of wonderful Kalein.