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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sleeping Beauty part 5 OR "Danger Will Robinson"

With all this talk about art and the role of art and God’s design for art and glorifying God through art, you’d think that it wouldn’t be an issue for the church. But, it is. I don’t know where it started to go bad. A lot of it is probably rooted in fear.

Fear that art will somehow eclipse God
Fear that art will lead people astray or to come up with false ideas
Fear that art will be the tail that wags the dog
Fear that art will become a performance
Fear that art will become our God
Fear that art distracts from God
Fear that art will serve no purpose outside entertainment

In all honesty, these are all things to be cautious of. We are fallen people. We are prideful. We are controlling and manipulative at times. We get off track.

That sometimes makes art risky.

But we cannot run the greater risk of throwing out the Godly-aesthetic-art baby with the tainted and fallen bathwater.

God has always been in the business of redemption. Fixing broken things. Turning ashes into beauty. Turning risk into reward.