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Friday, February 15, 2008


I keep forgetting to share that I had one of the best concert experiences of my life a couple of weeks ago. I was caught up in preparing for cre:ate and didn't blog about this until now . . .

For Christmas, I bought Connor Lenny Kravitz tickets. We went to see him at The Filmore in Detroit the week before cre:ate.

We were right at the front of the stage! No frills, no lasers, no smoke, nothing elaborate beyond some good lighting. Just kick-booty rock and roll. Lots of it. Energy. Sweat.

I’m telling you, if you get a chance to see this tour—run, don’t walk to your computer and visit Ticketmaster or wherever.

This was one of the greatest worship concerts/spiritual experiences I have had the pleasure to be part of. When we all grabbed hands and held them high in the air singing an extended version of, “Let Love Rule” while Lenny preached over the top of it, I knew God was stirring hearts. Lenny decided to throw in the lyric “Jesus Christ is the one” in the middle of, “Are You Gonna Go My Way” that night. He also warned people not to “believe the hype” about him and to know that he is an ordinary man trying to find his way. People all around me were praising God with their posture and their words.

It is so amazing to me how we will shout at the top of our lungs, raise our hands in the air, and get sweaty at concerts and sporting events but we feel the need to be a bit more tame on Sunday mornings. Scoffers will say that is because concerts are about hype and manipulation and getting people worked up, yada yada, yada and that church services are the antithesis of that or, at least, the church service is not an appropriate place for that. Then they will quote something about orderly worship. I get it. But I don’t necessarily buy it. I worshipped that evening at The Filmore. It was pretty orderly when we were swaying back and forth holding hands and crying (p.s. Dave mocked me for participating in this part by the way). My son and I talked about how the presence of God filled the place. It motivated us. It moved us to action.

It is possible to worship and get sweaty in the process. Maybe even preferred.

I didn’t get any video but the chick to my left and a bit behind me did. She posted it to YouTube along with some others. She also smacked me in the head with her elbow a couple of times.

It is Time for a Love Revolution.

P.S. Connor's birthday is the 22nd of this month. I bought him a special surprise that I will blog about later. Shhhhhhh.