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Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Tunes

So, today is my day off and I am listening to my latest playlist while doing some web stuff. Had to take a quick break and tell you to check out a few tunes. If you are looking for some good tunes to cover in church you need to buy Lenny Kravitz' new album.

We are going to end up doing so many of these songs.

Love Revolution : : : "The truth will set you free and you will find--that there is a love that won't let you down and it always holds ground--wear your crown--this love will never leave you--this love will never let you go--it is time for a love revolution--it is time for a new constitution--you are a child of the most high--there is nothing you can't do and that is no lie--you were designed--to use your mind--to move what you can't see so don't be blind"

Bring it On : : : "I'm gonna walk my faith--Gonna raise my song--I'm gonna fight my battle--Gonna praise my Lord--It's getting heavy--But I'm ready--To take on this world and rock steady--So come on, bring it on"

If You Want it : : : "Don't you let it all pass you by--Looking through life's window pane--Don't you sit around wasting time--That would be a crying shame--There's a power that's deep inside--And it burns just like a flame--Just believe and you will see that God--Will shower you like pouring rain--If you want it--You can change your world today--If you want it--Just break free and walk away--There's a reason--For you to explore--Why you're here--What do you say--And the beauty is that you're the one--Who controls just how you play--There's a choice that you need to make--one is ore and one is clay--So drop your chains and take up your cross--And let Jesus make your way"

A New Door : : : "can see that look in your eyes--You're in need of something you can't find--You're tired of holding on to the pain--You haven't got the strength to hold the reigns--You are out of lane--I know you can't take it--I know you can't take it anymore--I know you can't fake it--I know you can't fake it anymore--Now it's time for you to open a new door--You fool yourself when you live a lie--You spend all of your time getting high--But drunken nights won't bury your fears--All the drinks you had just turned to tears--For too many years--I know you can't take it--I know you can't take it anymore--I know you can't fake it--I know you can't fake it anymore
Now it's time for you to open a new door--When you think that nobody cares--Close your eyes and know that God is there--And if you reach out He'll do the same--Just ask for what you need in Jesus name--Don't be ashamed

This Moment is All there is : : : Will there be tomorrow--Tell me, how can you be sure--There ain't always next season--There ain't always an open door--Life is dear,don't you waste it--The future no one can see--So step aside and let it be--Tomorrow may wash away--Don't put off what you do today--Take advantage while you are here--`Cause this moment is all there is

There are so many good tunes on this album. Simple lyrics but cool and sweet and tender at many points. Innocent quality. Honestly, if the lyrics were great and the music wasn't I wouldn't care to cover them but the music kicks booty. Rock and Roll.